Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just in from the Fibre Co.

The Fibre Co. brings us a new yarn that is fantastic to touch, feel, look at, wear & most of all work with. It's called Road to China Light and is comprised of baby alpaca, cashmere, camel & silk. We have brought in ten colors of this luxurious yarn:

The palette of colors reminds some people of sea glass... the way the color gets muted by the glass being polished by the sand. What will it make you think of? Come in & touch it for yourself... it's exquisite.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

2008 PY Holiday Gift Guide

So maybe you don't have the time to knit all those gorgeous knits below, but you do want to get your favorite knitters and crocheters (or wanna be knitters and crocheters!) something for the holidays. Here's where we come in with our tried and true PY Gift Guide.

For the Knit Beginner:

1 Stitch n' Bitch Handbook - We Love Debbie Stoller's beginners book. Her great knit-personality comes out with her easy to follow directions and diagrams. The book is complete with some really easy projects to get over that 1st project hump!

1 pair of Size 11 Bamboo Needles - These are a great size for a beginner. They're easy to hold and navigate stitches. You'll be purling or knitting away with these in no time.

2 - Skeins of Misti Alpaca Chunky. We just can't keep enough of this soft and warm alpaca on the shelves. It's lofty nature is perfect for that pick me up scarf. It will make your first knit project seem so luxurious (well that's 'cause it is!).

Also a Beginner Favorite: Worsted Weight Yarn! Here at the shop there's so many different ones to choose from! For your basic washable yarn, there's Mission Falls 1824 Wool, a lovely and soft yarn to work with that truly shows stitches and won't come apart easily. Or kick up the holiday giving a notch and treat your beginner to a skein of Manos Del Uruguay. This kettle dyed wool is a one ply that creates a beautiful fabric just using the knit stitch.

For the Intermediate - knows the knit and purls and wants to explore - knitter:

1 - Last Minute Knitted Gifts - We cannot get enough of the projects in this great book by Joelle Hoverson. From mittens, to hats to blankets - this book has it all. A great book for your knit library some different patterns. Make a nice pair of leg warmers while you're at it and channel your inner Jennifer Beals. (that's a Flashdance reference for those of you born after 1983)

1 - skein of soft Lorna's Laces. This worsted weight handpainted yarn has quickly become a shop favorite. It comes in beautiful deep jewel toned colors and just one is needed for a hat!

For the sock knitter:

1 - set of Blue Sky Rosewood Double Pointed Needles. Lovely packaged and we know why. These DPNs are a dream to knit with. Your fav sock knitter won't ever look back having used these needles.

2 - skeins of Koigu Painters Palette Premium Merino. There are just so many beautiful colors to choose from. Roy G. Biv would be proud.

For the lace knitter:

1 - set of Addi Turbo Lace Needles (US 1s, 2s, or 3s!) When Addi came out with their lace needles we were a bit skeptical - i mean an improvement to the already awesome Addi Turbos? No way!? Yes, way, Ted! These needles allow for a more controlled knitting experience for lace. No slippery stitches here!

1 - Knitted Lace of Estonia book. Be inspired to knit lace with this gorgeous book.

1 skein of Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace. 1250 yards of gorgeous silk and wool. Need. We. Say. More.

Stocking Stuffers!

When all else fails a Patricia's Yarns Gift Certificate could do the trick and that way your favorite knitter can come in and pick to his or her's hearts content!

Whatever you decide to do we hope your holiday season is filled with good food, warm knits and wonderful blessings!

From all of us at Patricia's Yarns
Happy Holidays!