Friday, July 27, 2007

EZ's Tomten Jacket

We love Elizabeth Zimmermann here at Patricia's Yarns. We love her philosophy on knitting, her great patterns and most of all her fabulous stories. We quickly fell in love with this jacket when brainstorming what to do with our Manos 113. We saw this jacket on the internet and knew we needed one of our own.

We bordered the jacket in Manos color W which we felt added a wonderful touch. We love Manos 113 because it allows so many options for the trim. We love the pattern because it's done with only knit stitches and has a very clever but simple style.

We knitted the pattern in the "kid" size which fits a 5 year old comfortably and a 3 year old loosely. Using just 5 skeins and 9 needles this jacket was knit up in a week and will be an heirloom to be passdown from generation to generation.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Customer FOs

The summer months have not slowed down our PY knitters! Our customers have been coming in showing us their beautiful FOs.

Yesterday Karen brought in her almost finished and absolutely adorable sweater for her miniature poodle. This is her first project as a new knitter and she did a beautiful job.

The pattern is from Puppyknits by Jill Eaton and she made it using cascade 220 superwash on size 8 needles. Can't wait to meet the puppy wearing her sweater!

Abbe came by with the sweater knit for her son Zack by his Grandmother too! It is the pattern Jersey Shore by Knitting at Knoon worked up in Louet Opal sport weight yarn. She is looking forward to getting two years of wear out of the sweater for her son and is very pleased with the pattern. So are we!

Below is a close up of the stitch pattern....

Nina brought in her original baby blanket design done with Dale of Norway Stork, doubled. A beautiful knitted piece with a crocheted border is sure to be a keepsake for her new born grandson.
We love all our customer knits at Patricia's Yarns! Keep them coming!

Kids Knitting Camp

This week has been a busy one at Patricia's Yarns as we host our first ever Kids Knitting Camp. The camp session will end tomorrow but I think these girls have been bitten by the knitting bug and their new hobby will continue for some time. The tell tale sign.... lists of future projects and barely the ability to prevent themselves from starting today.

The girls started by making their own knitting bags which they drew on and some covered in puffy paint. Knitting was the next task at hand and for some it was a review, for others a completely new experience but a very fun time for all.

Over the 5 days we made knitting bags, dyed yarn and learned many new knitting skills. The amount of skills learned varied but everyone learned something new each day. Below are photo's of the camp and the various stages of it.

Above: Balling yarn
Below: A scarf in the making

Above: Pulling wet dyed yarn out of its jar
Below: Balling dry dyed yarn by hand

Below: Making Gods Eyes

Here are the wonderful campers with their fearless camp leader!

We had a great time and we can't wait to do it again next year!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

And twice on Sunday!

And you thought there was only going to be one post today... nope! Karen just brought in her Coco Loco baby cardigan. This cute little knit is in the Manos Cotton Stria colors Aqua 210 & Leaf 219. She added her own personal touch with the duo-tone instead of using the three colors suggested in the pattern. We think it's such a great color combination! All she has left is the collar and button band.

As we peer around the shop we also have another fabulous FO to share with you!

This wanna-cozy-up-on-the-couch blanket is designed by Mac&Me and we knitted it up with Blue Sky Cotton. We loved this pattern for it's simple construction and great stitch pattern.

A simple and satisfying knit that's sure to be a hit with any mommy to be! Now, really we're done for today... or are we....

Koigu's KPPPerfect and more

It's always fun when Ulrike brings in one of her finished projects.... she is a very accomplished knitter from Germany and this is her newest sweater.

She chose Koigu's KPPPM to knit this sweater which is just beautiful.

Next is "Bob" which is knit in Rowan's Handknit Cotton from the Rowan Babies Book. This is a classic book comprised of 35 patterns from birth to 5 years of age making it a great staple in ones knitting library.

Finally a Patricia's Yarns favorite Lillies Little sweater by Carol Anderson of Cottage Creations. This hooded sweater is knit in one piece starting at the hood. It is sized from birth to three years of age and is just one of the smartest designs. As no child model was available, Curious George was only too happy to help.

It is still a work in progress as the sleeves are on holders and the body still has a few inches to go but this is a quick knit and a great gift for any new baby.

It's been a lovely weekend - perfect temperature for knitting outside in the shade.
Enjoy the weather.