Friday, July 27, 2007

EZ's Tomten Jacket

We love Elizabeth Zimmermann here at Patricia's Yarns. We love her philosophy on knitting, her great patterns and most of all her fabulous stories. We quickly fell in love with this jacket when brainstorming what to do with our Manos 113. We saw this jacket on the internet and knew we needed one of our own.

We bordered the jacket in Manos color W which we felt added a wonderful touch. We love Manos 113 because it allows so many options for the trim. We love the pattern because it's done with only knit stitches and has a very clever but simple style.

We knitted the pattern in the "kid" size which fits a 5 year old comfortably and a 3 year old loosely. Using just 5 skeins and 9 needles this jacket was knit up in a week and will be an heirloom to be passdown from generation to generation.

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