Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amy's Rambling Rows Blanket

Amy fell in love with Koigu a few years ago when we acquired the line. She has made scarves, mittens, American Girl Doll outfits, baby sweaters & blankets. It is a very versatile yarn that works well for any project.

Today she brought in her Rambling Rows made out of Koigu & it is beautiful.

She picked an array of blues, purples & pinks that combine together very well. What a beautiful example of Rambling Rows.

What an eye catching blanket. Great job Amy!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A summer weight "February Sweater"

Knit in Calmer (Rowan), this "February Sweater" could be a 3-4 season sweater. The yarn provides great stitch definition. We trimmed it in coral #476 and the main body of the sweater is drift #460.

It was a fun little sweater to knit and one I would definitely do again. I really did enjoy it.

A very easy baby blanket

Mac & Me create such beautiful patterns, some may be intricate however this one is all garter all the way with some eyelets turning out one wonderful baby blanket with classic lines. I chose a pink and chocolate brown combination using the Schulana Merino - Cotton 90 which is a machine washable yarn. We think the color combination is very pretty.

It is a relatively quick knit as the pattern is pretty straightforward however it is a lot of garter stitch but the result is very timeless.

It is not a small blanket so it should be useful for many years to come for a special little one.

Riley liked it too!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mia's "Fruit Loop" Socks

Today Mia came in delighted with her finished "Fruit Loop" socks knit out of Koigu KPPPM in a very happy pink colorway. They are her first socks & are quite an accomplishment!

They are so cute & perfect for Mia. She has begun down the road of a knitter addicted to socks already having 3 sock projects in her future. We look forward to seeing your next pair of finished socks!