Thursday, May 15, 2008

A very easy baby blanket

Mac & Me create such beautiful patterns, some may be intricate however this one is all garter all the way with some eyelets turning out one wonderful baby blanket with classic lines. I chose a pink and chocolate brown combination using the Schulana Merino - Cotton 90 which is a machine washable yarn. We think the color combination is very pretty.

It is a relatively quick knit as the pattern is pretty straightforward however it is a lot of garter stitch but the result is very timeless.

It is not a small blanket so it should be useful for many years to come for a special little one.

Riley liked it too!


xMeePx said...
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xMeePx said...

The blanket is finally finished and looks yummy. Riley seems to think so too!!! ...and yes I'm away this is weird word to use to describe a blankie.