Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lace Style & Mother Bear

There are some new books at Patricia's Yarns this February. One of them is Interweave's new Lace Style. If you are familiar with their two other knitting must-haves: Scarf Style and Wrap Style then you'll know this book is chock full of great knitting patterns.

Two of the patterns we're particularly excited about are the Katharine Hepburn Cardigan and the Retro Shrug. We plan on making the Hepburn Cardigan with the Louet Gems Opal in a refreshing green. Gems Opal come so many beautiful colors that sure to make this cardigan a hit this spring. (not to mention it's Machine Washable!!)

We are also excited about the Retro Shrug and are planning on making that with the great Blue Sky Cotton. This luxurious soft cotton will make this shrug a great all year round knit.

Come on in and get to know this great soon-to-be-a-staple-in-your-knit-library book!

We're also excited to let you all know that our Mother Bear Project creations are in the hands of their deserving recipients! We want to thank again all those that came out to support this great project and hope we'll get to do this again soon!

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Cara said...

Copy cat! I think I might even do it in green - which one is in the picture. Can't believe you guys aren't open today - I was on my over!