Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fall Rowan is Here!

Our fall shipment of Rowan is here! We are excited to have back in stock some great customer favorites like Big Wool and Cashsoft Aran/DK as well as some new yarns like Cocoon and Felted Tweed. Coupled with the new Rowan Mag 42 we are excited to see what our customers will be making this fall.

We decided to dive right in and make the great Kid Classic knit, Bridges.

This is a great knit for an advanced beginner who knows how to increase and decrease. Kid Classic is an easy to work with yarn and comes in many great fall colors.

We also don't want to let go of summer too soon! From the Rowan Bamboo Tape Collection this is Akina by Marie Wallin (Same designer as the above Bridges V-neck vest!)

Bamboo tape is the true summer yarn and makes for a beautifully draping garment. The yarn comes in beautiful pastel colors.

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Caroline said...

I love the blog and I love your shop! You make me think I can knit anything--