Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Margaux's Feroch Brioche

Brioche Neck Warmer

Brioche Neck Warmer

Yarn: Zitron Nimbus, 2 balls, color 02
Needles: US 10s
Notions: 3 buttons, H crochet hook, darning needle
CO 30 Stitches
Row 1: K2, *YO, Slip 1, K1* repeat * * to last two stitches, K1, S1 wyif
Row 2: K2, *YO, Slip 1, K2tog (YO and Slipped Stitch from Prev. Row)* repeat * * to last two stitches, K1, Slip 1wyif
Work Row 2 only until piece measures 28 inches or until comfortably around your neck.
Cast off all stitches.
Measure the width of the scarf in from one end of edge (about 6 to 8 inches) and place 3 buttons evenly across scarf.
Attach and crochet 3 loops along side edge of other end of scarf to match buttons. (I crocheted a 12 chain loop for mine!) I also pinned the scarf together to help match the loops and buttons.

Feroche Brioche

Wear and enjoy!

I hope you'll come by the shop and give this quick and easy scarf a go! The yarn is SUPER soft and makes such a beautiful subtle striping effect!

Brioche Neck Warmer

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Saida said...

Gorgeous neckwarmer, Margaux! Nice job, will have to try that one.