Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year

We are back from the holiday time away feeling refreshed and excited for the new year ahead. Upon our return to the shop we were greeted with packages holding some very exciting things... Addi Turbo Clicks & Koigu.

A few customers have been waiting patiently for their sets to come in & Chris was first in to purchase his set. He sat down & immediately transferred his sleeve of his Tomten jacket onto a new pair of Addi Clicks. It was definitely love. He is working the sleeve utilizing the 'Magic Loop' which is an ideal technique for the very flexible blue addi click cord.

Next we opened the big box of Koigu full of a mix of KPPPM & KPM in fantastic colors.

A few images of color combination fun - the possibilities are endless & wonderful all at the same time.


School Nurse Jackie said...

I'll be in for my set of Addi Clicks!!! and to check out the Koigu!

Christopher said...

Yea, those Addi's are just brilliant :D