Friday, May 08, 2009

Something borrowed...

In the fall, a new semester began at Stevens University which brought us a new friend to the shop, Kirsten from Norway. A voracious knitter & engineer, she found herself in Hoboken to study for the year and quickly found her LYS, us. We are so lucky she did.

We always loved when Kirsten would stop in and knit a bit with us, each time with a handmade knit being adorned. Above, wearing the beautiful Whisper Cardigan in Koigu, she is a beautiful and great knitter. She is friendly, likeable and soon became a shop favorite. She has made some really wonderful knits and we were always in awe of her pattern/yarn combinations.

Sadly for us, but happy for her, her semester came to an end & she has flown home to Norway. We loved how she inspired us with her knitting and became such a great a great friend.

Kirsten, know you always have a home here at Patricia's Yarns. We'll miss you and know we will always think of you and keep track of your knit adventures via Ravelry.

We know you'll always keep on knitting and hope you visit us again soon!

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