Sunday, November 07, 2010

Thank You Fibre Company!

Kate and Courtney, the incredibly talented and wonderful owners of Kelbourne Woolens, the ladies who bring us Fibre Company, came to Patricia's Yarns yesterday. Fibre Company makes the gorgeous Canopy, Terra, and Road to China yarns, and Kelbourne Woolens produces some of our favorite new designs and patterns for those yarns. Among them is the Maritursas hat. Kate and Courtney led an adventurous group of Patricia's Yarns knitters through the fair-isle pattern to produce these beautiful hats - just in time for the cold winter weather.

We want to personally thank Kate and Courtney for their visit. We all had a wonderful time!

1 comment:

Aude said...

It was a great class using fabulous yarn and with extremely nice ladies.
Thank you.