Monday, January 31, 2011

February is now Fibruary!

Our savvy customers must have known something! How else can you explain the fact they voted for Fibre Company Yarns for this month’s Yarn of the Month? They must have known that this is the same month that The Fibre Co.’s Kate and Courtney would release their fabulous new book, Vintage Modern Knits! What a perfect combination!

Stop in today and pick up gorgeous, soft, luxurious yarns from the Fibre Company and check out the 20 beautiful patterns in their new book.

Did we mention our Yarn of the Month is 15% off?

Just curious, what will be March’s Yarn of the Month? Stop back and vote soon!

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Anonymous said...

Haven't stopped by in a while; still working on the never ending shawl... but thankfully I am almost done so I hope to come pick another project in a week or two! See you then; just wanted to say Hi!
Christina straub