Saturday, February 05, 2011

A Boy and His Toys

Jason, a “whale” of a good friend, and Patricia’s Yarns customer, has been very busy lately! Somehow, between mixing cocktails and playing video games, he found the spare time to introduce us to a favorite new book, Amigurumi Knits, and to knit the wonderful Black Devil Anglerfish. Despite its scary looks, this anglerfish is soft, lovable, and cuddly! Next up for Jason: a large bright red Kraken, a giant squid!

Amigurumi Knits is available at Patricia's Yarns and is chock full of cute mini knits. You too can knit sea stars, hermit crabs, cucumbers, carrots, jellyfish, and, yes, anglerfish!

If you are tired of baby hats, baby sweaters, and booties, these cute creatures will make the perfect "little person" gift. Or, like Jason, you can knit them for yourself. After all, everyone needs a Kraken!


schoolnursejackie said...

Jason... I think you've inspired me to make my first knitted toy! Love the angler fish!

tentenknits said...

looking good jason!! :-)