Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Unicorn Tail Scarf

MadelineTosh is a shop favorite. The colors are so beautiful! And choosing just one is really difficult. So when the Unicorn Tails were introduced last year - 52 yard "skein-ettes" of 30 favorite colors of MadelineTosh Merino Light - we were all very excited. Then Antonia Shankland introduced the Unicorn Tail Scarf - see below. We are truly in love!

I wanted to cast-on for quite some time but as expected something always became a bigger priority (baby blankets, wedding gifts, etc.). The time to cast on finally came this summer and I love this project! It is the perfect mix of mindless and interesting knitting and I love watching the hand-dyed color changes. This project is ideal for summer social knitting - you won't lose your place while knitting on the deck of your shore house. More importantly, at the end of Summer, if you do one color a day (my goal) you will be ready for fall with a fabulous and beautiful new scarf. 

Here is my progress so far...

Another option on the project is the cowl which is 15 skeins and is the same concept with only five colors. 

Whichever you choose this is a really great summer project that will be so warm when cooler temperatures arrive. Summer is the perfect time to knit items for fall! 

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