Thursday, June 19, 2008

TNNA Orders begin to roll in...

Although it feels like I haven't been back for long the beginning of the orders have started to arrive. Within the week we received our new needles from Crystal Palace which are bamboo circulars. The needle spins on the cable which allows for more freedom while knitting. The shipment of Soak came in as well.

he new 'Scentless' and 'Sola Evening Garden' are in stock. The 'Scent for Celebration' is on backorder but we do have the mini's available if you want to try some. 'Sola Evening Garden' is a limited edition fragrance which is designed by Amy Butler. As best put by Jacques, creator of soak, "Sola, evening garden is a soft, comforting fragrance with clean, earthy notes reminiscent of a breezy evening in the garden". It's fantastic.

Finally, Lantern Moon products arrived & are fully stocked. At TNNA we ordered the Palm Leaf Totes:

We also ordered the Fish Messenger Bags & Large Rice Baskets:

And the Silk Needle cases which are always a favorite:

Feel free to stop in and see our new things! We have shipments coming in daily... you never know what you might find!

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