Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welcome to Ohio

Early this overcast morning Riley went to the sitters & I took a cab to Newark for a direct flight to Ohio.It was a fine quick flight through the clouds.

And then I wasn't in Newark anymore.... welcome to Ohio!!

Heather, Adams cousin, picked me up from the airport and we went for a bite to eat, then headed to the hotel. I got a little settled in & then it was time to head to registration. On our way we passed the "Great Wall of Yarn" which has some favorites and some yarns we just have never seen the likes of before.
This was a traditional wool, about a worsted weight but it had these faux gold strands of chain attached to it so they dangled off the knitting - I have never before seen anything like it but that is why I come to this show! To see new things ;)

Then we noticed a new yarn from Rowan called Lima which I have ordered & look forward to receiving in the fall. I thought they put together a cute display.

Tomorrow I will be taking a new class from Cat Bordhi, Margaux arrives (YAY) and then we have a few events in the early evening including the fashion show which is always fun. Looking forward to updating you tomorrow! Have a great day!

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